The SUBText: November 23, 2016

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Yesterday, we offered some dinner-table talking points.  Today, we don’t talk shop.


Most of us will see a party planned today and tomorrow, one we’ve planned for a long time.  It has dozens of moving parts, and yes, risks.  Some of this risk can safely be retained (“No, Mom, I’LL do the turkey this year…”), some can be delegated (“Fine, Uncle Bob- bring the wine…”), and some can be ignored (“The pie is in the fridge… leave it.”)


Sometimes, it’s even appropriate to say, “we don’t care about the cost- just handle it!” and call the caterer or head to the Colonial Inn.  Yet, we never say, “I can’t take the risk… leave the food in the freezer.”


Sometimes, folks come to us and say, “I don’t want to take risks.”  Remember how we often say, “That’s a math problem”?  Usually, it is.  We write recipes so that you can decide what risks make sense, which you can delegate, and which you can ignore.  Tell the family you’ve got this.


We’re thankful for the trust our clients have placed in us.


With that, we will be offline on Friday.  We’ll have sporadic email access.  (Truthfully, we’re shopping.)  For that one time, we will NOT be here all day for your questions.


Have the pie.  Seriously.



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