The SUBText: January 18, 2016

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Here we are, well into the new year with a new administration on the horizon.  What happens now?


Let’s keep this big-picture; there are plenty of pundits to tell you what-three-stocks-to-buy-now.  We’ve said a thousand times- what does the market hate? UNCERTAINTY.


What we have now is a candidate elected on a populist platform that isn’t fully articulated, taking office at near-record market highs, and hoping to bridge sharp social divides.  That means this not the time to seek out new hills to die on… this is the time to let our titans do what they do.


In the bond world, we figure it’s time to ramp up maturity a bit, but the Fed’s waffly language makes that a bit uncertain as well.


Remember, when we built each of your plans, we talked about how much investment risk we NEED to take, statistically.  At times like this, we start to get calls asking for us to recommend winning outliers.  Let’s focus on the fat part of our bell curves… we’ll be happier in the end for that.


In other news, take a look at last years’ tax returns.  Those of you claiming the Earned Income Credit (likely very few of you) and the Additional Child Tax Credit (likely most of you) can expect delays in processing off your returns in 2017.  We’ll field your questions individually on that.

Of course, we’re here all day for your questions.


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