Financial Planning Services

We work very hard to keep our plans understandable and executable for every one of our clients. So that you can choose the services you actually need, we’ve simplified our menu this way:

The lion’s share of our clients come to us asking “what do I need to do, and how do I do it?

This kind of question is at the heart of financial planning, and is our core skill set. At the start, we can generate a complete, understandable financial plan that can be executed either on your own, or with the assistance of a competent advisor.

When the time comes to execute the financial plan, we help in 2 different ways:

Sometimes, it is most effective to pay a flat rate on the investment assets we advise on for you. This is the most common method of paying an advisor across the industry. Often times, families, we work with need for more support across many more areas of planning. At those times, we offer the ability to work on a monthly retainer, with a guaranteed block of consultative time every month. This allows families to work directly with us to address every element of their financial plan, rather than only looking at investments, and not at all the other important parts. While working on retainer, we offer a substantial discount to our normal project-based rate. We want our clients to be thinking about their own goals when they call us for help, not how much of a bill they are going to get.

Finally, we often find that our clients need help with one specific financial decision. These decisions can include:

  • Is this the right time to buy a house? How do we evaluate all these mortgage offers?
  • I am being asked to choose a pension payout. Which choice is right for me? Joint? Single life? One of the more complicated choices?
  • I am worried about a long-term illness affecting my retirement. How do I protect against that?
  • I want to protect my family from losing my income. Is life insurance the right tool? What kind? What should I pay?
  • I feel like I can’t afford to save. How do I budget to make it possible?
  • I’m approaching 65 years old, and need to make Medicare elections. What are the best plans for me? Do they cover my needs?
  • I will be eligible for Social Security soon. Which payout option is best for me?
  • I am preparing wills and other estate documents with my attorney. How do I explain everything I have? What are the best choices to minimize the amount of documents the attorney has to generate?

When we need to talk about one specific decision, we work together with our clients on a single project. This is billed at a flat hourly rate, in the same way your attorney or your accountant might. After an initial meeting, we can provide an estimate of the necessary hours to address your concerns, so that you can budget properly.


Financial plans: $1,500-$2,500

  • Includes at least 3 in person consulting sessions.
  • Includes redrafting of plan to your specifications, to be understandable and executable.
  • Includes follow-up coaching session to evaluate your execution.


Execution and Coaching:

  • Asset-based investment management: 1-1.5% of assets under $100,000, 0.75-1% of assets greater than $100,000.
  • Can be billed directly to investment accounts, or to a separate account, to maximize tax deductibility.
  • Plan execution on retainer: $250 per month.
  • Includes 2 hours of consultative time per month, in 15 minute increments. Hours do not accumulate.
  • Includes advice across all financial goals and accounts, regardless of custodian.
  • Also includes budgeting coaching, ongoing cash flow review, and financial decision analysis.
  • Decisions can include, for example, preparing college financial aid paperwork, evaluating compensation offers from new employers, or making insurance choices.